Waterproofing Treatment


For a roof to be effective, surface water should be discharged quickly without ponding or stagnation, thus, it is important to select the appropriate waterproofing membrane.

We are currently proposing a new technology cold applied liquid seamless polyurethane membrane consolidated with glass fibre to give a peace of mind to our clients during rainy periods

Swimming Pool

Concrete walls or hollow-block walls are not sufficient to ensure a full waterproofing and avoid leakage of a swimming pools. Thus, a full waterproofing system should be applied before putting the swimming pool in service.

Reservoir and concrete water tanks

Leakage and contamination are the most common causes of service interruption in facilities such as wastewater treatment plants, drinking water tanks or reservoirs.

The best way to protectconcretetanked structures is with effectivewaterproofing. Though, the requirements, which must be satisfied, differ according to whether it is located above or below ground.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints are installed to manage the coefficient of thermal expansion over large spans of concrete. The waterproofing material must not only cope with the movement of the building, but also be designed to resist aging that leads to the weakening of the bond on the concrete and causes failure of the system.


The Concrete Protection Treatment is a bonding and waterproofing solution used to seal the concrete structure and preserve its imbedded steel.


The main purpose of the waterproofing treatment is a preventive one to stop the movement of water infiltrating through the tiles joints and other cementious finishing, through the floor bed or moisture penetration through the walls: drainage of the water through proper slope to the drain points.


Established in 1992, Bati Etanche Ltd has more than 20 years of practical experience in the application, reparation and maintenance of waterproofing system, epoxy injection and flooring, and structural repairs.

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