• Established since 1992, Bati Etanche Ltd has practical experience in the application, reparation and maintenance of the waterproofing system, epoxy injection, coring, concrete and structural repairs. We recently diversified in building renovation and maintenance as well as building cleaning and abseiling.

About Us

Established in 1992, Bati Etanche Ltd has more than 20 years of practical experience in the application, reparation and maintenance of the waterproofing system, epoxy injection, coring, concrete and structural repairs. We recently diversified in building renovation and maintenance as well as building cleaning and abseiling.


Our company vision is to be among the leaders while acquiring recognition by providing quality service by using quality products delivered by quality workmanship. Our aim is to provide a proper waterproofing system at an affordable price to the general population.

Mission – “Quality, Our Duty”
Quality is the main factor that we consider while delivering our services. ‘Quality, Our duty’ reflects the constant encouragement and training which are given to our fellow workmanship to deliver outstanding services to provide customer satisfaction.

We nurture the value of Team Spirit in a friendly atmosphere to evoke the sense of dedication of our workmanship to perform beyond expectation. We are also committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with members and customers.

Growth Strategy
We are committed to innovate and serve our customers, due to which, we are extensively recommended by clients owing to our flexibility and reliability. Throughout our years of service, we chose to diversify our activities to meet every demand of our clients, from waterproofing works to renovation works to abseiling. We keep investing in new machines, products, services and software to further improve our business.

Capacity Levels
The company comprises of 8 full time employees and at least 15 freelancers. Furthermore, our staffs are well trained and multi skilled, committed to provide outstanding client satisfaction.



  Project Address Year
1 Reparation of corridor ceiling of BOHAM Hall at MSIRI which was built before end 19thcentury with SIKATOP 122 F MSIRI, Reduit 1993
2 Flooring with self levelling motar of Charcuterie Isle De France Charcuterie Isle De France,Roche Bois 1994
3 Waterproofing work at Deeraman Tower with SIKAFILL Sir William Newton Street, P-Louis 1995
4 Sagar Hotel Mont Choisy 1998
5 Waterproofing treatment of + 1000m2 for Sika at Fort George Thermal Power Station on façade facing wind (North) with SIKAFILL and SIKA ARMATURE Mer Rouge, P-Louis 1998
6 Construction of Drain Trou-Aux-Biches 1999
7 Rehabilitation and injection works on Colleville Deverell Bridge and waterproofing of all structural support Mount Ory, Moka 1999
8 Renovation and Waterproofing works at Ambre Hotel Belle Mare 2000
9 Injection works done in lower basement of BOM  to stop water penetration BOM Building, Port-Louis 2003
10 Waterproofing works at Indian Resorts Le Morne 2003
11 Injection works on New Tarmac of Plaine Corail Airport Plaine Corail, Rodrigues 2005
12 Foundation (Tanking) membrane waterproofing work done for Habib Bank Habib Bank, Port-Louis 2006
13 Membrane reparation works and expansion joint done KBTC building Port-Louis 2008
14 Renovation and Waterproofing works at le Recif Hotel Pointe Aux Piments 2009
15 Injection works on Control Tower of Plaisance SSR International Airport 2010
16 Waterproofing and protection treatment against highly corrosive substance with SIKAGARD 63 La Nicoliere Treatment Plant 2010



  Projects Clients Address
1 Waterproofing done on roof and waterproofing prevention done in kitchen, bath and toilet.

Expansion joint done with special sealant in the main buildings and the two swimming pools

Zilwa Attitude Resorts Calodyne
2 Expansion joint done in each level of THE CORE and in the lower and upper basement as well. The Core SIT, Ebene
3 Waterproofing reparation done in the overflow of the twenty-one swimming pools of Angsana Hotel and SpaoteHo Angsana Hotel Turtle Bay, Balaclava
4 Waterproofing work done in twenty swimming pools for West Island Resorts West Island


Coastal Rd, Riviere Noire
5 Waterproofing work done with Polyurethane membrane on the bar restaurant roof and reception at Indian Resorts for renovation works Indian Resorts Le Morne
6 Waterproofing work done at Les Cocotiers Hotel Les Cocotiers Hotel Trou-Aux-Biches
7 Waterproofing work and epoxy injection done at Mere Theresa building Mere Theresa building Roche Bois
8 Reparation and waterproofing done in reservoir at Trevessa House Trevessa House Mer Rouge, Port-Louis
9 Waterproofing reparation done on roof of the Municipality of Port-Louis Municipality of Port-Louis Port-Louis
10 Treatment of construction joints and expansion joints with COMBIFLEX on parking Jumbo(Reihm Grinaker) Phoenix
11 Treatment of Balaclava Ruins with SIKAMONOTOP 612 and SIKATOP 107 Protection Maritim Hotel Balaclava



  Projects Clients Address
1 Waterproofing works of silos with SIKALASTIC 618 Meaders Feeds Ltd Riche Terre Road,Riche Terre
2 Epoxy Injection work done on parking at The Core The CoreSIT Ebene
3 Waterproofing works and expansion joint done on Mauritius Telecom building Mauritius Telecom Building Cascavelle
4 Waterproofing work done on public toilet of Flic en Flac Public Beach Flic en Flac
5 Renovation works including painting of offices including decorative painting and sound attenuation works done and replacement of laminated flooring at Afrasia Bank Afrasia Bank Head Office, Port-Louis
6 Waterproofing done with SIKALASTIC 618 on Market roof at Rose Belle for Trio Development Ltd and SLDC James Burty David Market
(Trio Development Ltd & SLDC)
Rose Belle
7 Expansion Joint done at Bel Air SSS Bel Air SSS Bel Air
8 Waterproofing done with SIKATOP 107 in swimming pool and epoxy injection done for Kalachand Kalachand site Gentilly,Moka
9 Waterproofing done with SIKALASTIC 618 and RAINTITE for Mr Kalachand Mr Kalachand Floreal
10 Reparation of openables and slabs with special mortar SIKAMONOTOP 612 Morc Aurea(Colas & Transinvest) SIT, Côte d’Or
11 Waterproofing treatment with double layer tar membrane & polyurethane Ex DPMMr R. Beebeejaun Beau Bassin



  Projects Clients Address
1 Localised waterproofing treatment done on penthouse roof of Level 12 with SIKALASTIC 618 Le Meritt Sodnac
2 Treatment of corroded reinforced with SIKAMONOTOP 610 and reparation with SIKAMONOTOP 612 on ceiling of poultry plant INNODIS Plant Britannia
3 Tanking Membrane on basement walls for Mosque in construction New Mosque Albion
5 Reparation of expansion joint with SIKAFLEX 11 FC (40mm, 30mm, 25mm) New PSC Building Forest-Side
6 Expansion Joint done with special mortar and SIKAFLEX 11 FC Medine Camp de Masque SSS Medine Camp de Masque
4 Grouting and reparation work with special mortar in swimming pool for new lightings Constance Hotel Belle Mare
5 Reparation to spalled concrete with SIKAMONOTOP 610 and SIKAMONOTOP 612 Touessrok Hotel Trou d’Eau Douce
6 Interior painting of offices on fourth floor AfrAsia Bank Ltd Nexteracom Building,Ebene
7 Waterproofing treatment on roof with POLYTOP 200 (new waterproofing technology) Honorable Mr Sesungkur Dharmendar Sudhir Telfair,Moka
8 Waterproofing treatment of external facades with SIKALASTIC 614 10th Level,Board of Investment One Cathedral Building,Port-Louis
9 Waterproofing treatment on roof with SIKALASTIC 614 Win Tai Chong Building Port-Louis
10 Concrete repairs and waterproofing treatment with SIKAGARD 680 S on 2 silos Alteo Ltd(Ex FUEL) Queen Victoria, Flacq
11 Structural repairs at Anahita Resorts Gamma Materials Ltd Beau Champ
12 Epoxy Injection on apron of SSR Airport China State Construction Engineering Co Ltd SSR International Airport, Plaisance